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Meet the team

    We are the only UK agency to have exclusive access to a network of Chinese influencers/ KOLs from a range of sectors.

    We have four expert influencers working directly for Variety Plus and can facilitate access to circa. 1,700 more through our strategic partnership with Panda iMediaGroup.

  • Tutu Zhu
    Culture & Lifestyle Influencer

    Before receiving her MA in Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central St. Martin’s College in 2015, Zhu was a senior magazine feature writer at Harper’s Bazaar (China edition) for more than 6 years.

    In 2016, Zhu launched a public WeChat channel called Drifting in Time which received angel funding later that year so it could expand into video content production.

    Zhu is also an independent writer and publisher.  Her co-production series, Zhu’s Life in Britain received high praise from the former British Prime Minister Theresa May.  Zhu herself was bestowed the title of ‘Influencer Ambassador’ for Great Britain by Visit Britain.

  • Leila Li
    Culture & Lifestyle Influencer

    Leila (Qi Dian) was one of the first generation of Chinese influencers. Her name was widely known by young people when internet surfing had just started to rise in China. Leila started posting online articles on emotions and relationship related topics in 2010 which brought her a huge group of female followers. Leila’s authentic and sharp writing style is always well-referenced in the ever-changing digital world.

    In 2018 she published her prose book, Call Me Beauty and started her new journey as a mature female author. Now she is focussing on posting relationship and lifestyle content on social media and has 5.3 million followers.


  • Wanxin Chen
    Parenting & Education Influencer

    Wanxin used to be the Senior Editor of ELLE China for years and holds a Diploma in Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, London. With her outstanding photography and food styling capabilities, Wanxin is now an independent writer, photographer and co-founder of the Little Little Gallery Studio.

    Wanxin posts about her daily life with her daughter Eleanor and has gained significant popularity across various social media channels such as Sina Weibo and Little Red Book. She writes about food, travel, parenting and intimate relationship and shares her unique perspectives on these topics.

    Thousands of loyal followers engage and interact with Wanxin on a daily basis.


  • Christy Zhang
    Parenting & Education Influencer

    After graduating from King’s College London, Christy worked for several international institutions and brands including China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) and the L’Oréal Group.  In 2015, she founded Peachmama Family Fun Club and her social media account Peachmama.  She also became the founder of Pure Education.

    Christy is a pioneering parenting expert who believes raising a baby is self-cultivation. A nomadic mother living in London and Shanghai, Christy has conducted in-depth research on early childhood education.  More than 100 original articles have subsequently been published on her social media platforms. 

    In 2019, Christy started systematically learning Early Years Education at University College London (UCL) which is ranked one of the best universities in the world.

  • Olivia
    Culture & Lifestyle Influencer

    Olivia wears many hats, an active streamer, a chameleon young mum, the go-to person to host press conferences for many well-known domestic and international brands. She managed to build up a large group of sticky followers over just a few months through her unique personality and her extremely approachable style. At the same time she also manages an active group for promoting group purchase to young mothers.

  • Shirley Li
    Culture & Lifestyle Influencer

    Shirley Li, who lives in the UK, has a strong visual sense for photography and aesthetics. She is a young professional, a creative photographer in her free time, and also the founder of Little Forrest Photography Studio. Shirley’s camera work has attracted tens of thousands the moment she landed on social media. The simple and elegant composition, fresh and pure visual expression is the definition of Shirley’s unique style. In response to the call of her followers, Shirley began to share her experience of photography and short video production with her team through a series of videos and photos, and was well received by her followers. Meanwhile, She will launch her own online / offline course workshop.

  • Kerra Zhou
    Culture & Lifestyle Influencer

    Kerra’s natural, healthy and creative fashion and personal style quickly attracted a considerable number of followers and helped her build a loyal fanbase. At present, Kerra’s is producing a series of original content with her unique “Kerra spices”, covering topics such as women’s career development, fashion, and healthy lifestyle. The content is published on Douyin (TikTok), Xiaohongshu (Red), and Instagram.